Physiologically relevant in-vitro neural network

Structural connectivity for brain circuits and neural activity recording

For Neuroscience, Computational neuroscience and Neuro engineering

Connectivity controled neural graphs

For any type of neurons, control the number and densities of neurons and their connectivities

Activity measurments

Observe the activity of millions of neurons at the individual neuron resolution

Complex analysis

Analyze and report the effect of perturbations on the network, physical or molecules of interest

Our story

Researchers at CNRS in Grenoble, we have built robust and patented technologies to create in-vitro physiological relevant neural networks.

Key enabling technologies

Minimalistic neural networks on a chip
From the network to the chip
  • Mass production of PDMS 3D levels compartmentalized microfluidic chips

    Up to 30 chips / week

  • Co-cultures of different neural types

    Number and density controlled plating

  • Inter population connectivity control

    uni and bi directionality, bridges

  • Observation of neural activity at the network level with subcellular resolution

    Liquid Chip technology


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Thibault Honegger

Principal Investogator
CNRS Researcher at LTM, Grenoble
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Tiphaine Belloir

PhD Student
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Marianne Elias

PhD Student
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Roberto Riesco

PhD Student
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Arthur Brunel

M1 Internship

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